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PRP & Hair Mesotherapy


Some applications are done to the scalp due to hair corosions. One of them is prp& hair mesotherapy.

PRP is called as the skin tissue repair operation by using the materials in your own blood. Relatively short period of application time this treatment method is one of the most effective medical interventions to prevent loss of hair. The aim of this method is to prevent hair loss. In this way, both your hair will strengthen as well as hair follicles. In this method, the reason for using your own blood is for you not to give any allergic reactions. If someone else’s blood was applied the risk of contracting an infectious disease would be born. Therefore, the use of your own blood is the most logical choice. More strong hairs will grow on the applied area with the tissues developing in time.

Before starting the prp application, 10-20 ml of blood is collected from the patient. Purification of red blood cells are done on this blood. This is injected into the hairless area. The tissue on the area develops in time and hairs will start growing more long and more strong.

The hair mesotherapy is a method applied for your hair roots to become strong and long. The reason of this method being much more healthy and applicable is that giving small doses of medicine and applying areal.

The hair mesotherapy is done averagly in between four to ten sessions according to the patient’s problem. These sessions varies from your scalp damage percentage. With this application more and fast blood flow is stimulated on the scalp. Fast blood flow has positive effects on cell evolution.

You don’t feel pain while thin tipped needles are used during operation. After the operation patient is relaxed by ice cubes.