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Hair Transplantation


Hair is our most important element in people’s interactions. Therefore, the importance and attention given to hair is priceless. Due to such factors, there are many people who are in need of hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation is the operation in which the bristly tissue of the body is placed upon head. It can also be defined as relocation process of patient’s tissue in his own body. In medical terms hair transplantation is called as the hair follicle transplant. In our country two kinds of methods are applied. These are strips (fut) and fue technique methods. Mostly fue method is applied.

Fue method is described as follicular unit extraction. This method is carried out using 0.6-0.7 mm diameter tools. This tool is in a thin pipe shape. Transplantation is carried out by cultivation of single or double bristles which are taken from the roots in the same thickness with sharp tools without harming the skin. The best part of bristles being eligible to be taken one by one is that they can be taken from any requested area of the body. However, in this process it is more common to get the bristles from the nape of the neck.

One of the best ways of fue method is that after hair transplantation your hairs look natural. Patients, justifiably, doesn’t want their hairs to appear as being transplanted later. Therefore, if applied correctly, fue hair transplantation is the best method which stands out to be selected for those who want hair transplantation.

To achieve naturalness in hair transplantation, the transplantation should be done intensively on the forehead which has no hair and the transplanted bristles must be in angularly correct way. Since thin needles are used in fue transplantation method, there are no scars left. Fue method is preffered among other hair transplant methods due to causing the least damage. Fue method is not performed as surgery, like as the other methods on the market. Therefore, patients are not exposed to side effects such as pain, discomfort.

Both in our country and worldwide fue being the most preferred method should be applied by experts who are specialized in this field. The reason for this is that method itself is a challenging process. Before starting the application, the are which is going to be transplanted in should be cleaned(disinfected). The process will begin with anesthetizing the area which the hair follicles are going to be taken. Extended over a period of time, method is carried out by small scaled equipments. Patients wandering with short hair for a period of time, reach their desired hair with time. These transplanted hairs will be with you for lifetime. The transplanted hairs after transplantation can be understood by nobody, except the experts can understand.