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Beard and Mustache Transplantation


Beard and mustache deficiency is a problem resulting from a lack of the hormone levels in individuals. Sparse beard and mustache of adults is a visually serious problem. The troubles are not only because of the hormones. If we give example, your beard or mustache may become sparse due to an accident which caused root damage.

Both in our country and worldwide fue is the most preferred method. Fue method is the operation where hairy tissues are being taken from your body and transplanted into desired area of your body. You can get rid of your problems with this short operation. Before starting the beard and mustache transplantation local anesthetizing will be done. Thanks to this, you won’t feel any pain during the operation. Local anesthetizing has no harm to your body.

How much roots are going to be taken will be calculated by experts and must be explained to you before starting the process. It is decided whether if all the beard area or a specific area is going to be transplanted. Averagely the operation will be held by 1000 to 3000 hair root plantation.

Transplantation of mustache is done by transplanting hair roots from a different part of your body, upon the hairless areas above your lips.

Fue method starts with your hair roots gathered with the help of exactly 0.6 and 0.7 mm diameter tools. After that it is done with transplantation on your beard and mustache area with the help of needles. This operation usually takes two to three hours.

After operation there will be no scar both on the gathered hair root area and transplanted hair root area. There might be minor redness. But this is because of blood clotting. It will subside within a short time. After two or two and a half month period of time, after beard and mustache transplantation, your beard will start to groove little by little. It will reach the desired look before a year takes place. Resulting with complete naturalness, after a month you can even shave your beard.